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The Sun

The Suns diameter is about 1.4 mill km. It sure sounds like a huge star, but it's small compared to the really huge gigants (the red gigants eg. Betelgauze, Aldebaran and Arcturus). Some of these holds a diameter of several hundred million km. The average distanse to earth is 149.6 million km, also known as an astronomical unit (AU). Sunlight travels for 8 minutes and 19 sec to reach earth. It's energy is made by the fusion of Hydrogen to Helium. The core temperature of the sun is about 15 million deg. Kelvin, and the sunlight travels for an astonishing 10 million years from the core to the surface of the sun. Each second 4 million tons of fuel is consumed. Our Sun is perhaps 5 billion years old, and will continue for at least 5 billion more years without any significant change. The Sun rotates at a speed of 27.3 days at equator, and 23 days at the polar regions.
Venus transit on 6.June 2012, Canon 7D, Orion 80mm ED
Prominences on 1.May 2007, Canon 20D, 2.5x Powermate, Coronado PST
My son Nicolai observing the sun, at the age of three months. 19. August 2006. Coronado P.S.T, Sony Cybershot 3.2 & Canon 20D.
Solar disk, 11. June 2006. Coronado P.S.T, ToUcam Pro II.
Drawing of prominences, 21. April 2006. Coronado P.S.T.
Prominences, 21. April 2006. Coronado P.S.T, ToUcam Pro II.
(Upper) Sun in h-alpha, 09. April 2006. Coronado P.S.T, Canon 20D. Afocal.

(Upper) Sun in h-alpha, 28. October 2005. Coronado P.S.T, Canon 20D. Despite low declination, the picture turned out ok.
(Lower) Prominence, using ToUcam Pro II.

Sunspots #0798 on 21.August 2005. 80mm ED f/7.5, ToUcam II Pro. 20 images stacked with Registax.

The sun on 19.June 2004. Several large sunspots are visible.

The image of the sun projected through the keyhole, onto the white side of a freezer. Too bad no sunspot were visible this time. The phenomenon has occured once before, two large sunspots were then visible.

Sunspot on 22.May 2004

Animation of a particulary great group of sunspots, AR 9393, during 6 days from 23 to 28. March 2001. Handdrawings with a 60mm refractor.