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Noctilucent clouds

NLC are rare clouds visible within 55-65 degreeds north and south of the equator. These clouds often shine as silver against a deep blue summer nightsky. Physical these clouds lay 82 km above the surface of the earth, in the upper part of the atmosphere. Likely, the clouds are visible due to sunlight hitting ice crystals (crystallized on meteor dust, dust and pollution?). The only time possible to observe this phenomenon is at summertime when the sun is between 6 and 16 degreeds below the horizon.
22.July 2006

16.July 2006

15.July 2006

31.July 2005

8.August 2004

3.August 2004

29.July 2004.

9.July 2004.

4.July 2004.

Summer 2002.