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Partial Lunar Eclipse 16.August 2008

Nice weather, most of the eclipse visible.

Partial Solar Eclipse 1.August 2008

Nice weather, whole eclipse visible.

Total Lunar Eclipse 3.March 2007

Ruined by heavy clouds. This was the only usable image.

Total solar eclipse 29.March 2006, Turkey

View DV-movie (Quicktime)

Perfect conditions at location, near Side, Turkey. The totality last for aprox. 3 min 40 sec.

Penumbral lunar eclipse on 14-15.March 2006

A very nice eclipse. Canon 20D on 80mm Orion ED-refractor.
Partial solareclipse 3.October 2005. Through heavy, rainy clouds.

Total lunar eclipse on 8-9.Nov 2003

The eclipse was a lovely sight. The southern rim was quite light during the whole total phase, due to the moons path through the southern part of the shadow. During the eclipse, the stars and the milkyway made a nice background to the moon. The weather conditions were excellent, the following picture are taken with a Canon D60 on a Vixen R200SS Newton reflector.
Flash animation by author

The almost annular solar eclipse 31. May 2003

An animation of the event, made in Flash MX. This animation was broadcasted on the national television TV2 a couple of days before the event took place.

The picture is a screenshot (actually!) from the event.
Almost the whole show, from right to left. A composite of 13 pictures.

Eclipse of the sun on 31.May 2003