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Atmospheric phenomenon

Usually, this means rain or fog. But sometimes, rare objects like sundogs, moondogs, sunpillars and colourful high-altitude sunlit clouds can be seen.

Heiligenschein, July 2006. Canon 20D.

Sunhalo June 2005. Nikon D2H.

Moondog on 24.April 2005. Canon D60.

Ever seen a rainbow? This is a moonbow! 30.October 2004. Canon D60.

Sunhalo on 5.April 2004. Canon D60.

Sundog on 5.April 2004. Canon D60.

Mother of pearls 8.March 2004. Canon D60.

Sunarc on 8.March 2004. Canon D60.

Sunpillar on 15.Jan 2004. Taken with a mobil phone (Sony Ericsson P800) at a resolution of 480x640.